Strategic Guide to Lead Conversion: How Marketing and Sales Functions Must Evolve to Succeed32 Min Read

Strategic Guide to Lead Conversion: How Marketing and Sales Functions Must Evolve to Succeed

The nature of B2B sales and marketing is changing fast. Potential customers are better informed and more demanding than ever before. They expect marketing communications to be personalised and relevant for their job role and particular stage in the buying process. And they expect sales team to tailor their approach to their pain points and business objectives.

Based on a series of interviews with senior executives at companies including Adobe, Trustpilot and Guidebook, this London Research report gives practical guidance around how B2B companies can improve their commercial performance through more effective and integrated sales and marketing activities.

Produced in partnership with Demand Exchange, the research looks at how an integrated model of sales and marketing will become increasingly important to establish companies as trusted advisers rather than vendors only interested in their own selling agenda.

Read this report to learn why: 

  • The marketing function needs to establish the vendor company as a trusted adviser from the first point of contact, producing content that resonates with prospects.
  • The sales team must become more consultative and less focused on the features of its own products and services, and more aligned with customer goals. 
  • Sales and marketing teams need to work together with clearer communication and management, with aligned KPIs and goals.

The report also draws on research from The State of B2B Lead Generation 2019 report, produced by London Research in partnership with ON24.