On-Demand Webinar
The State of B2B Content 2021 - Watch Now1 Hour

The State of B2B Content 2021 - Watch Now

This on-demand webinar looks at B2B content from the perspective of both those marketing it and those consuming it.

The session is aimed at technology vendors and other brands seeking to ensure their content resonates as strongly as possible with the right B2B audiences and personas.

Questions answered in the on-demand webinar include:

  • What types of content are most effective for B2B marketers in the context of brand-building and demand generation?
  • How do companies ensure they're targeting prospective buyers at the right stage of the funnel?
  • What type of information is most sought after? (best practice vs. trends vs. benchmarking information).
  • What is the role of third-party content in the B2B marketing mix?
  • Which assets and formats are most popular? (e.g. webinars versus whitepapers)
  • Measuring the ROI of content

Watch now and make the most out of your content in 2021.