The State of B2B Lead Generation 202428 Min Read

The State of B2B Lead Generation 2024

Tired of generating low-quality leads? Industry leaders are using a powerful combination of content syndication and precision targeting to reach their ideal customers and build strong relationships.

The 2024 State of B2B Lead Generation Report, from Demand Exchange and London Research, explores the strategies being used by the most successful B2B demand generation marketers.

Packed with data, trends, and actionable insights, the fourth edition of this report will help you:

  • Target the Right Audience: Overcome lead gen challenges and identify your perfect customer profile.
  • Boost Performance: Discover the optimal channel mix to maximize your reach and engagement.
  • Choose the Perfect Partner: Learn how to select a third-party lead generation provider who can supercharge your campaigns.
  • Exclusive Insights: Gain valuable perspectives from B2B marketing leaders at Bynder, LRN, Relay42, Revcelerate, and VMware.

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